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Carmeco Incorporated - Lebanon Missouri
To Be the Leading Producer and Provider of Service

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The Carmeco Promise

To produce quality goods at a profit we know our customers must have quality components at competitive prices.  To keep both our own and our customers' business healthy, we must provide superior service to every order we receive, from the largest to the smallest and from the newest to the oldest customer.  Your own business experience will tell you that this is not always easy.  But on behalf of Carmeco Incorporated, I want to assure you that our endeavors for superior quality service will never stop.

- Jeff Carr, President

Company Profile

Carmeco Incorporated is pleased to have been a part of the Lebanon, Missouri community for over 45 years.  Carmeco was started in 1970 by J. Kenneth Carr.  We have a 88,000 sq.ft. facility offering a full line of services, including laser cutting, for the OEM market.  With the ability to handle most any type of metal fabrication or stamping, Carmeco can be your one stop source for metal components.  Carmeco is ISO 9001:2008 certified and we are a member of the Precision Metal Forming Association.  Please feel free to look around and see if Carmeco can help you.

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PMA Memeber    ISO 9001 Manufacturer

We seek to manufacture the most creative, innovative, and profitable services in the world.